Powdered Peanut Butter? Really?

PB2 with chocolateYes. Really! I’d been reading about this stuff for awhile. The brand I was looking at (and ended up buying) is PB2, manufactured by Bell Plantation. Basically, it’s peanuts turned into a powder which you then mix up with water to make peanut butter.

Now, for you purists, it’s not got all the stuff that peanut butter usually has, but that’s what made me try it. For a two-tablespoon serving the PB2 with Chocolate (of course that’s what I got) has 45 calories, 1 gram of fat, and only 70 mg of sodium. Real peanut butter has 190 calories, 16 grams of fat and 140 mg of sodium.

Why would you want this product if you aren’t concerned about any dietary issues (sodium in my case)? Because you can mix it up to any consistency you like! I mix it up pretty thin and use it as a dip for apples, crackers or cookies. It spreads great on bread mixed thinner. I like it because you mix up what you need right then. I’m not tempted to have a walk by tasting since I love peanut butter!

Another use for it is to add a peanut butter flavor to smoothies or even desserts you make. No messing with that sticky peanut butter! Stir it into some ice cream! Tasty.

The flavor is a little milder than full bore peanut butter. The chocolate variety tastes like a mild peanut butter cup. There’s no aftertaste or odd undertaste.

PB2 is a little more expensive than regular peanut butter, but comparable in price to all-natural peanut butter or specialty peanut butters. My Kroger had it on sale for $2 recently and I stockpiled a few containers!


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