More Herbs, Less Salt Day

herbsThere seems to be a food holiday for everything! August 29 is More Herbs, Less Salt day. This seems like an appropriate holiday for me to observe.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve had to cut way back on my sodium intake. It’s not easy. I guess because after so many years of cooking for myself, I thought it’d be nice to make it easier. But sadly, shortcuts usually require processed foods. There’s no getting around it–a reduced/low sodium diet requires a lot more cooking. In addition, I really LIKE canned soups and Ramen!

But I digress.

I think the day should be expanded to include spices. I seem to be more of a spice user than a herb user. When I got the idea of writing this post I started looking up information about herbs and spices and it’s a mind boggling rabbit hole of people trying to define what is an herb (generally a leaf) or a spice (generally made from dried parts of a plant like bark or seeds). And then where does garlic fit in? The experts just made me tired.

So for More Herbs, Less Salt day I plan to make garlic chicken in the crock pot. It may not be an herb but garlic sure is tasty. Basically I just chuck a chicken into the crock pot. I add a bit of water because I also want to have broth as a by-product. Then add an onion cut into wedges. Finally, add about 20 (or more) cloves of peeled garlic. That’s right. I said 20 or more. The garlic isn’t overpowering. In fact, it mellows out and makes a nice rich flavor. You can fish out the garlic cloves and mash them up and stir them into rice or potatoes, too.

Once the chicken is done I generally debone it for use in various recipes. I save the cooking liquid in the freezer to use for cooking rice or making gravy. Sometimes if I’m in a cooking mode, I’ll put the bones back in the crock pot with more water and cook up another batch of broth to save. I wring everything I can out of that poor chicken!

How will you celebrate More Herbs, Less Salt day?


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