Cooking without a stove?! Why would you want to do that? Well, in my case it was because my apartment had a crappy stove. And getting a new one was like getting congress to agree on something. So I unplugged it, covered it and made more counter space.

Another reason to cook without a stove is electricity. New stoves are much better about not sucking the electric, but if you’re stuck with an older one, look out! My electric bill decreased considerably when I dumped the stove. It’s also MUCH cooler in the summer and again, saves on that AC bill.

If you travel by motorhome sometimes you don’t have a full blown stove and gadgets fill the bill. College dwellers also can use these tips if their dorms allow microwaves and other cooking gadgets.

And for some folks, especially ones with seizure disorders, cooking without a stove is the recommended method. It saves getting burned and most gadgets will go off after their allotted cooking time.

So what do I cook with? Here’s a list of my cooking gadgets:

  • Crock pots/slow cookers (4 and 8 quart plus a mini)
  • Microwave oven (1100 watt at this time)
  • NuWave Induction cooktop
  • Farberware convection toaster oven
  • Aroma 6 cup rice cooker
  • Sunbeam grill/griddle/sandwich press
  • Breadman convection bread machine
  • Nutribullet RX
  • popcorn popper

Some of these gadgets get used nearly every day (microwave) and some now and then (grill) but I love them all!

The induction cooktop is a relatively new addition to my cooking arsenal. Before I got it, I cooked pretty much everything in the microwave. But it’s easier to cook some things in a pan. Over time I’ll present both ways.

Not every recipe I present is going to be healthy. If you’re into a strict eating lifestyle you might not like it. That’s ok. There’s plenty of that kind of blog around (and I enjoy them!) But this one is mine. I do eat healthy things and in fact have lost over 100 pounds over the last couple of years. It’s all in moderation. I like comfort foods. I like casseroles. I like some odd ball things. But in addition to the recipes I hope to show different methods of using cooking gadgets to their best advantage!


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